diumenge, 17 de maig de 2015

Final Reflection

My first post of 1st bachillerat is so borring because I use very basic words. Well, I have improved my language respect the last post that I wrote.
Respect the fist and the last oral presentation I have impoved the pronuntiation, maybe because this year I amb watching some series in English.
About the structure I have improved the order of the presentation and I haven't improved the body language.

I can look my oral improves in this post. I my opinion in this post a have a good pronunciation if I hear the others that I do. And my writer evidence I can look in this post. Firs of all because is the most especial post that I wrote, then because I think that it's a good structure, language and grammar.

This is the final post of my english blog. After this post I start a new phase in my life. And I leave behind wonderfuls years that I've met incredible people that I will never forget and I hope that  to have a relationship with them.

Thanks for read me.

Bye, Jana Pujol Pujadas

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