diumenge, 17 de maig de 2015

Final Reflection

My first post of 1st bachillerat is so borring because I use very basic words. Well, I have improved my language respect the last post that I wrote.
Respect the fist and the last oral presentation I have impoved the pronuntiation, maybe because this year I amb watching some series in English.
About the structure I have improved the order of the presentation and I haven't improved the body language.

I can look my oral improves in this post. I my opinion in this post a have a good pronunciation if I hear the others that I do. And my writer evidence I can look in this post. Firs of all because is the most especial post that I wrote, then because I think that it's a good structure, language and grammar.

This is the final post of my english blog. After this post I start a new phase in my life. And I leave behind wonderfuls years that I've met incredible people that I will never forget and I hope that  to have a relationship with them.

Thanks for read me.

Bye, Jana Pujol Pujadas

dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015

Freetime before and now

There are a lot of changes in the way to make the most of the weather.
When our parents or our grandparents were young in their free time they stayed in street and they played with their friends. Now in our freetime we stay at the computer watch TV, or chatting...
I think that it’s better when the children play in the street. Life was more healthy, all the young people did sport and there weren’t fat children. Now obesity is a problem for a lot of children.
There are more problems, the bad effect on eyesight. The computers and the TV effect a lot of children eyesight. Every time more young people have to wear glasses.
Children had more imagination. Now all is informatizated and they don’t have to think to play they only have to press a button and play.
I’m feel fortunate because I was born in a village and when I was little I always stayed in the street with my friends and now, in the summer we go to the beach every day and in the winter we stay everybody in a house of someone and we talk and we stay together.


In my family there are many allergies and we are in spring and allergies are very strong at this time of year I thought that it would be interesting to know more about this, and as lower the effects.
The news doctor talks about the symptoms of allergies and then attached some links like: 9 things that make allergies are worse, after this article, if we do otherwise, we can reduce symptoms of allergies.
I suffer of a lot of allergies of foot and things of air.
Later there is an article. Moreover  also very interesting, about eight ways to circumvent allergies, it helps us to the allergies not affect us so much. I liked this new and I think it's interesting for people with allergies.

Testing on animals, right or wrong?

It’s difficult to say if I agree or disagree about testing on animals.

Sometimes it’s necessary so through testing on animals we have found the solution for to a lot of illnesses, and still they try to find more. Obviously without that we can’t advance in medicine.
But I disagree when we try things that we don’t need to survive on animals, for example, use lipstick on pigs. It isn’t necessary to torture animals only to be more beautiful. A lot of make-up, perfume, shampoo and even diet products are tested on animals first, this is not necessary and is cruel. In my opinion it has to be prohibited.

Summer comes to us!

The summer, the best time of year for me, is here!
The hot begins  and it smells summer. Today I finally bathed in the pool without going cold. It was very funny because Doris has been thrown in the pool and my mother does not like that the Dogs stay in the pool.
Even in winter the pool water is also hot, is not the same when it's hot bath also in winter it's cold when you no longer are in the water and you can not sunbathe.
I had a lovely relaxing morning that she missed. And I have taken because it comes to me a week of daily examinations.

09/05/2015 from Jana Pujol Pujadas on Vimeo.

Eternal friendship?

There is the eternal friendship?
Yes, it exists. I have one. Miquel, we've known since we were born and we have lived moments of all types and missing us still living, we have shared secrets that nobody else knows and lots and lots of laughs.
We grown together and consider like a brother. A brother who is always there when I need it and the same for me.
18 years together and in 18 years I do not regret having known him.
I think that few are lucky to have an eternal friend, but we know what that's like a treasure that will never want to lose. And I hope I never lose it.

Man's best friend, the Dog.

I can not imagine one day leave home and my bitches not be there ...
And someday, I hope very far, come and will only be one, the smallest Doris.
Cuca is the oldest and has grown with me, when I was afraid at night I was gonna sleep with her to her bed, because I felt safe with her and I still feel very safe with her. I can have many dogs, but Cuca always be special and never find nothing like it.
Doris, the little one is one and transmits an infinite happiness. They are so little even when seen strange things gets very funny faces. The video that I attached, put it on TV the other day and Doris and hallucinating when Cuca appeared on screen, she looked very fast screen and looked at her to see if she was.
See them every day, enjoy and play with them is a luggage that can not be described.

CUCA I DORIS from Jana Pujol Pujadas on Vimeo.

Doris watching the video.